Friday 12 February 2016

05. Nora Corbett Alphabet Fairy C

Nora Corbett Alphabet Fairy C
Stitched on 32 count Oceanic Fantasia by Crafty Kitten
Using the Crescent Colours recommended

I made one or two minor changes.
I used DMC 356 to backstitch the skin (it's my preferred colour for the job).
I used DMC 208 for the swirls on the thing in her hand and stitched it over 1 using the chart CC.
I used DMC 500 for all the other backstitch just because it looked better than brown.

And of course, one major change!  I didn't stitch the square border or the filled in background.  None of the other fairies have a square border and by using a beautiful hand-dyed fabric like this you don't need to stitch the background either.  I extended the waves on the right and the top so they are more curved.  On the original they were cut flat by the border.

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  1. Beautiful! I really like how you curved the waves - it's lovely. I love these letters but have never stitched a Nora Corbett chart. Maybe one of these days.


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