Sunday, 1 October 1995

Local Museum

No Picture

Designed by me charted from a photograph of a local museum as a gift for a friend 

Friday, 1 September 1995

Saturday, 15 July 1995

Saturday, 1 July 1995

Thursday, 1 June 1995

Carl and Gillie's Wedding Sampler

No Picture

Sampler based on the Home Sweet Home stitched for my grandparents.  Seen here.

Monday, 1 May 1995

Celtic Cross for Friend's Spiritual Church

Picture taken from the book Celtic Cross Stitch by Gail Lawther
I added some words to the side in my design.

Thursday, 16 March 1995

Sunday, 8 January 1995

Blue Sampler

Started by my Mum and finished by me.
Stitched on 14 count aida.