Monday, 21 July 2014

33. Just Nan Moon Rider Jack

I used a piece of my favourite 32 count lavender evenweave for this and the recommended DMC, 
except for the moon which I changed to DMC 4090, a variegated thread.  
I also changed the plain border to a stripy one.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

32. Teresa Wenztler Futurecast Dragon

Teresa Wenzler Futurecast conversion

I wanted a dragon and I wanted books, maybe a little dragon sitting on a pile of books?  So I googled around and found this conversion on Deviant Art.  She took the standard Futurecast chart and changed the crystal ball to a book!  Perfect.

Teresa Wentzler designed this dragon to be easily converted into any colour scheme you like.  There is an ornate border and she recommends choosing a variegated thread for it then matching the colours for the dragon.  I left the border off and chose a scheme based on one in the Gallery.  Here are my colours:

A - 3817
B - 3816
C - 3815
D - 501
BS - 3818
1 - 745
2 - 743
BS - an orange, didn't note number!
+  927
BS - 924
Book - 919
Pages - white
Gold - 5282
Green Metallic - E703
Beads - 10023 green
02011 gold 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

31. Rahenna's Band Sampler Round Robin

Snivy is Rahenna's favourite Pokemon so she used the colours as inspiration!  She also sent us a lovely collection of Lesa Steele and Patricia Ann samplers to choose our bands from with strict instructions not to use any other colours other than those provided under threat of being attacked by an angry Pokemon!


My bands chosen from Lesa Steele's Sweet Harmony

Side shot to show beads

The whole piece as it goes on to Kathy.