Thursday, 23 June 2011

39 - Nimue Baby Swing

Here is Baby Swing in all it's glory!  This photo is taken without the flash.  The colours are better and more true to life although the fabric is more green than this.

32 count Murano in Sunlit Heath from Crafty Kitten

This one was taken with the flash to show off the metallic and beads a little more.  You can also see the mossy log more clearly.  That was lovely to stitch, 2 different blends and 2 plain colours.

There are little beads along the bottom of the wings, I subbed the recommended for some I had in my stash as I only needed 18.  The little jingly bells are too cute for words, they were a bargain, 99p for 10 from a new craft store in town.  Don't get too excited - it's mainly papercraft and scrapbooking although they do have the DMC display rack from my now defunct LNS, it was like seeing an old friend!

I also added little yellow beads in the centre of the flowers.  They were not listed but the picture definitely had something yellow there and again I had a dozen yellow beads in a little bag.  Throw nothing out!

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