Thursday, 9 April 2020

08. Plum Street Samplers - Fox Few

Plum Street Samplers - Fox Few
Stitched on 32 count Khaki evenweave.

I used the DMC conversion for this with the exception of the yellow for the bees.
 They recommended a brown 435 for Amber but I used 783.
 I backstitched the pale blue flowers as they blended into the fabric colour.
 The chart says to use a dark blue for the centres but the cover picture shows them as white. There is a symbol for white which isn't used anywhere so I guess that is a mistake.

I also used a blend for the hillside rather than a variegated thread. They recommend 3012 which was too close to 3011 which I used for the flower stems. 3013 was too close to the fabric colour but blending it with 3012 was perfect and makes a nice mottled effect for the grass. 

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