Friday, 6 September 2019

21. Marie Suarez My Lovely Sewing Tools

Started back in 2011, this design was released in six parts by the digital magazine, The Gift of Stitching.

Stitched on 40 count white linen

I made a few changes apart from using the DMC conversion.  I used a mixture of one strand and two to create texture.  For the dark red I used an anonymous variegated from my stash for the over two parts and DMC 315 for the over one parts.
I added the beads in the border, the flower centres and the heads of all the little pins.  Those pin heads are on of my favourite things.  I added charms and buttons according to what I had which would fit.  This is 40 count so I needed tiny things.


This part was charted for a brass heart charm, a key, a flower charm and a button:

This part was charted for a crown but I really wanted these scissors to be near the S:

This part was charted for the scissors but I had the yarn charm so I wanted that to be near the Y.  It was a little bit big so I frogged the row of stitched under the herringbone and put it there.  Then added a button where the original charm had been:

This is another favourite part.  My original idea was to add the needle I had been using but as I mentioned above, I use 28 petites and it looked too tiny.  So I added a 24 needle I used on a different project.  The chart showed a stitched needle not a real one.

Cute buttons from the local haberdashery, chosen by my friend's daughter with the instructions "they must be under 8mm"

All the spools were satin stitched:

Adorable tiny over one stitches on 40 count and a sweet little tassel:

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