Tuesday 15 March 2016

10.Nora Corbett Alphabet Fairy E

Stitched on 32 count Love-in-the-Mist Murano from Crafty Kitten

I stitched her pretty much as charted with all the recommended CC threads.  
Once again I changed the backstitch to 356 for her skin and also 3371 for the swirls.  
The original chart has an extra border around three sides but, as with C, I decided she didn't need that extra border.


  1. Very nice finish. Are you going to do more of these?

    1. I've stitched C and S already and I'm halfway through J for me. Unless the girls twist my arm and make me stitch their Mums' initials then I will stop at the four!

  2. Another beautiful finish! These really are lovely and elegant. Great job!


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