Sunday, 25 October 2015

36. Glendon Place Friendship Compass

This is for Mouse who will be celebrating a zero themed Birthday at the start of next year.  She has decided to make a quilt using squares stitched by all her friends.
I spotted The Glendon Place SAL on their FB page and thought it would be just right for the quilt.  Especially with the name Friendship and the Compass being Mouse's friends from all points of the globe.  
That is why I put my initials next to the East Point where I live!

I used 32 count white evenweave and various shades of purple because it is Mouse's favourite colour (and one of mine too!).  I substituted the beads for bright pink eyelets just in case beads weren't suitable for the quilt finish.
I only stitched the central compass because I thought the entire square might be a bit overpowering for the project.

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