Saturday, 5 October 2013

65. Plum Street Samplers To Thine Own Self Be True

Anna the Stitch Bitch launched a Challenge into the ether then promptly forgot all about it!  So she was nicely surprised when someone sent her a photo of their piece.  I decided to go one better and send her the actual thing.  The design Anna chose was a Plum Street Sampler freebie found here.  Now regular followers of Anna will know she has a "thing" about stitching being referred to in the same sentence as the words "Granny" and "craft" so I thought alot about the idea of being true to yourself.  I am a stitcher, I love traditional samplers but I am also a geek, a rock chick, a feminist, I have old fashioned ideas about books and education but love technology.  So what could I stitch to show the multi-faceted me?  Answer - a tattoo.

I looked through several magazines and books and found two tattoo designs from an old issue of Cross Stitcher which worked well with the original design - a dagger in the same proportions as the plant and a bird the same height as the original bird. 

I used the same colours throughout to link the two designs.

I chose the fabric because back in May I couldn't decide which fabric to use for my Alphabet Kitty.  One option was the pink version of this.  Anna commented that she liked it, but for her stash not the ornie!  Unfortunately I couldn't get anymore of the pink but I found the blue so used that.

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