Friday, 12 April 2013

26. Mirabilia Round Robin for Julie

Julie's RR Archangel Michael photo DSC03620JuliesRR_zpsa7fd4f6f.jpg

Julie chose Angels as her theme and designed this incredible layout herself.  The fabric is PTP Heather Lugana and is really soft and lovely to stitch on.  Archangel Michael is one of the less stitched Mirabilia designs which is one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to stitch him.  I don't think I'd ever do the full piece for myself but it is nice to stitch something different.

There is a ton of metallics, beads and treasures even in this small piece of the design, 12 of those little topaz diamonds for a start.

Julie's RR Archangel Michael photo DSC03621JuliesRR_zpse7aa933b.jpg

Julie's RR photo DSC03619JuliesRR_zps7eaf2acd.jpg

Finally finished piece:

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