Monday, 22 October 2012

68 - Cat's Autumn Band Sampler RR

Cat's lovely Indigo Rose Four Seasons Round Robin.  She stitched four boxes with a central diagonal band across each then we could choose a section to complete.  I chose Autumn because I'm an Autumn baby and I loved the colours.

What I did not love is the frog that hid under the leaves!  I really like satin stitch as a rule but this was a PITA.  First of all I stitched one segment using the charted 3 strands.  That was lumpy, bumpy and not smooth.  So I frogged it.  Then I used 2 strands which was smooth and lovely to behold.  Until I'd stitched all five segments and found they didn't reach the top.  When I looked again and counted and double checked I realised that  you need seven stitches to cover six threadson the fabric, the seventh stitch being the outside edge of the block (make sense?).  So out it all came again!  I re-stitched and now it looks lovely again.


  1. This one is spectacular, so different.
    Loving the glow-cats!

  2. I really like this one! I own two of these for designs, and since the missing two can't be found anywhere, I guess I'll have to resign to just stitch what I have. At least I do have this pretty autumn one!


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